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Super Mario Flash

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Super Mario Flash is a classic style platform game featuring our favourite Italian adventurer on his quest to save his beloved Princess from the hands of villain. This Mario game comes with better graphics than most of other remakes. You can either play as Mario or Luigi. You are supposed to guide them through Mario Brothers land, help them run as far as possible across all 8 levels filled with coins, stars, troublesome turtles, dangerous dragons, steep ravines and enemies to reach the Princess. Use the arrow cursors to navigate, left cursor to move left and right cursor to move right , the up arrow cursor to jump the down arrow cursor to crouch. Use the space bar to select a level or to throw fire balls if available. Apart from the normal game levels that can be played,it contains a brilliant level creator which you can use to generate and play your own levels. It also has instructions on how to use it. To save levels created online, click on “code” in the editor main menu for the level you want to save , then select ” copy to clipboard” to copy the code. The code is copied into your computer’s Clipboard memory.Next you have to paste the code into your Notebook program and save as it text file to your computer. If you want to play the level again, copy the text file from your computer into the games’ level editor on the site and click on load and play. You can also edit it again. You will need a cool head , quick fingers and super quick reactions to play. So much fun win the new Super Mario Flash!

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